Friday, January 21, 2011

My life starting to turn up side down

Life for student  Master of Science (Conservation of Biology) make my life starting to to turn up side down. For the very first time I thought I can go through over it. But after few week my confident level starting to decrease. Okay...that one just normal condition for normal human like me. I need to attend lots of classes.

Does it lots of class??? 3 days classes for only 5 subjects... The rest of the day is reserve to enjoy my personal life till the end.. With all of these stuffs>>>>>

Do you know what is this....Yeah...PARASITE. My life right now is starting to involve with Parasitology. If I am so lucky. Then, I will still survive to live untill my viva on the next semester. Insyaallah....If not then my parasite will bring me into their world. If this research is quiet risky but I really falling in love with them... Does it counted as LOVE.....??????

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