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Once a proud Senator in Imperial Rome, Marius is kidnapped and forced into that dark realm of blood, where he is made a protector of the Queen and King of the vampires---in whom the core of the supernatural race resides. Through his eyes we see the fall of pagan Rome to the Emperor Constantine, the horrific sack of the Eternal City at the hand of the Visigoths, and the vile aftermath of the Black Death. Ultimately restored by the beauty of the Renaissance, Marius becomes a painter, living dangerously yet happily among mortals, and giving his heart to the great master Botticelli, to the bewitching courtesan Bianca, and to the mysterious young apprentice Armand. But it is in the present day, deep in the jungle, when Marius will meet his fate seeking justice from the oldest vampires in the world.........


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Something stop Nita's hand as it ran along the bookshelf. She looked and found that one of the books had a loose thread at the top of its spine. It was one of those SO YOU WANT TO BE a.... books, a series on careers. So You Want to Be a Pilot, and a Scientist ....a Writer. But this one said, So You Want to Be a Wizard.

I don't believe this, Nita thought. She shut the book and stood there, holding it in her hand, confuse, amazed, suspicious--and delighted. If it was joke, it was a great one. IF IT WASN'T ....?


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't Be Serious, Be SINCERE

You should read about this one if you are still keep thinking about the meaning of your life
I think Mr Chetan Bhagat statement is giving me valuable meaning of life.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alasan untuk Survive tahap dewa

Semua orang ada masalah dalam hidup. Tak kirelah apa-apa jer. Masalah kawan (itu dulu)...prob bf/gf (lukily i dun hv this) prob >>> uet..uet...( ok ini selalu jadi kalau over budget & time nak repay PTPTN ni)...etc....hissshh... .Kalau nak jadi emotional dan down dalam hidup atas masalah-masalah tersebut. Maka tak best lah hidup kite nanti. Masa yang berlalu tetap akan berlalu. No matter how much you pay to turn back the time, that would not be happen. (but you can turn back the clock).

TUA tak kan jadi MUDA
MATI tak kan HIDUP kembali

Sooo...the KEY WORD. Apa pun masalah anda first step TAKE DEEP BREATH. Buang segala negative energy... Suuuuhhhhsuhhhh -Ve energy pergi jauh-jauh. Hehehehe.
OPTIMIS, pandang ke hadapan...semua yang terjadi pasti ada HIKMAH.
Find the BEST SOLUTION.....every PROBLEM have their own solution .Kan?

OK...kembali kepada tajuk asal. Sorry my bad suka membebel

1)Tak ada Kesan
Who are u? i Dun think if you have any importance to me. IF you dare to make mess with me even once then i could be two times worse than you. And make your life as hell. Soooo plzz ....plzzzz dun make mess with me. Even i'm looking just like undangerous species toward you. TQ.

2)Ada banyak lagi benda best 
Selain nak fikirkan banyak sangat masalah dengan hamba Allah yang sengaja cari masalah tu. Telah banyak menyebabkan kite terlepas benda-benda penting yang memorable. Soooo...go ahead with your life. 

3)Hikmah tersembunyi
Semua benda yang terjadi ada sebab tersendiri. Either it come very soon or later. What ever it is just be patience. And tell it to yourself frequently ....... so you won't forget it.

4)Orang yang tersayang
Seperti mana saya tak nak orang yang saya sayang risau dengan masalah. Saya rasa orang yang sayang saya pun tak nak saya risau dengan masalah. BUT..doesn't mean to run away from problem kan?Just face it wisely..then it will be better.

5)DIA sangat sayang saya
Walaupun semua manusia dalam bumi ni akan tinggalkan saya (except my parents la kan). DIA tak akan tinggalkan saya. That is the BEST reason why I shouldn't give up with my life. Because HE the almighty already give me the best life with HIS Love. That doesn't compare to anything. Sebab saya tahu Allah s.w.t sentiasa sayang kan saya. Bila Allah bagi saya masalah beerti DIA nak saya sentiasa ingat asal saya. Soooo...dun do something stupid easily such as take your life just like it not valueable to you.

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