Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Weight Transformation Program

Hello dear readers.....=) ~~~big smile for you guys..haiyaaa.

Let me tell you something, that might be you don't want to know at all.
But, I'm still have the feeling to tell you diz...hehehe
Today is my third day undergo my new weight transformation program.
Even my weight does not fell under worst category but i'm stil worried about it coz my foot will be in pain if i'm wearing high HELL  heel for quite long period.....sooo for the sake of my foot I should reduce my weight little bit RITE??? coz my cute and small foot need me soooo much. Hahaha

Lets wait for another 3 weeks and see how does my condition will be transform..... 
from 61 kg to ????? I don't  know....

if my transformation program goes smoothly..Then, i'll share the secret with you......Wish me best of LUCK..=)

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