Saturday, March 13, 2010

GlaMorOus NiTe =)

Location: Ri-yaz Heritage Spa & Resort
Time: 8.00pm - 10.30pm
Event: Biodiversity Dinner (Biological Department)

Hello dear....Just wanna share some memorial picture during our dinner event at Ri-Yaz. It was so cool and happening. Dis moment would be my precious memory in my life. Because this is the moment I shared with YOU...(ORCA members)....You know why? Time will be pass for every second. Life is too short to let go any precious moment. I just can bring on this memory with my breath till the end of my life. It would not be return back although I shout loudly deep in my heart. YOU give me all the courage to survive in my life. When my heart have been broke by someone, YOU collect all the small pieces and build it back untill it become the strong heart with full of love for friends and family.When my tear goes down, YOU shed it for me and make me smile again. I hope our friendship will ever lasting forever untill Allah s.w.t separate us apart.

Take break for while... ngheeee~~~~

ORCA member......Love You =) muakhzzzz

Princess of Biodiversity Conservation~~~~ You aRe Hot BaBY!!!

Trying to give memorial pose for ORCA album.... =)

Me wanna feel that Red Carpet Moment~~~ kinda fun =)


  1. thankz dear nn...heheh.only dat nite jer nk glam pon...lain hari kena masuk field jer...hikhikhik


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