Saturday, October 23, 2010

Special OFFER for all BlackBerry Lover

Do you have a headache to choose the BEST, ELEGANCE & PRACTICAL smartphone. Now, no worry anymore. You can relief about it, so keep smiling and give the best sweet smile to me. Our hero the Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 has come to solve your problem, mean OUR problem.

Want to know the best feature of the new BlackBerry Torch 9800? Go scream loudly until the world shake and all the staff at Celcom Centre will begging you to stop by giving u the best BlackBerry Torch 9800... hahahaha =) This will work, trust me =P

First smartphone that you can go with keypad and full 3.2 inch touch screen. Tell me, where would you find the  smartphone with the best combination except with BlackBerry Torch.
With 5 MP camera you can act just like the pro-photographer everywhere , anytime and save all the memory inside 8GB memory expanded with a micro SD card.

If you are so morry worry with your social feed. Now you can jump high to the air and go crazy with your friends on Twitter and Facebook without miss out any single of update. Beside that enjoy your multi-media file with pile of song and video with this special BlackBerry Torch.  Happy enough???.......if so maybe you should go and get one BlackBerry Torch for youself and enjoy it to the limit..... =) but I'll envy you T_T

Heheheh....nice if you have made decision to get BlackBerry Torch better check out
Celcom Exec 50 plan and thankz to Celcom that you'll never regret it. With this postpaid plan you'll able to save more as spend more with automatic discount every month. On 29 October 2010 this legendary BlackBerry will be launch officially and 1st 100 customers to pre-register will enjoy the early bird promotion and these item will throw for free: -- jabra bluetooth headset worth RM125 -- 8GB Micro SD Card worth RM68 -- Energizer Portable worth RM58.
Soooo......grab everything you can =)

so ELEGANCE, so SEXY =) ~~~~ so what u are waiting for?

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