Sunday, March 27, 2011

mY dearest cute little baby

Saja jer sambil buat assignment sambil edit pictures baby yang I jaga time jadi pengasuh dulu.
Really miss them like crazy.

dis one is my dearest lil handsome zharif
so notty little pince also tag as my lil BF hehehehehe

ZiQa, lil princess who really love to cry. 
Miss u lil baby. Maybe u already can walk rite now.

Qilah, love to talk & ask so many things.
 At the end i already loss an idea to answer her question

mY lil fella n lil princess; Arina 
Beautifull big eyes witz sexy lips 
(afraid witz me for the first time but then cann't separate her from me)
hehehehheeheh.... Arina miss u soo much dear muahzzz
will visit u again during holidays

Lots of love for you lil cute princess <3


  1. dioeang memang sgg comey n adorable.......ak sampai x sampai hati nk tinggalkan diorang hari 2. but i need to further gak kan..wuwuwuwuwu

  2. Salam...cutenyer baby gurl...lama dah teringin nak baby xde rezeki...ish3

  3. wslm a.long....well diorang mmg cute. the cutest lil gurl must be arina....hahaha


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